Month: February 2012

[old] TSHOOT IPv6 configuration

This is a blog post migrated from my testing blog

Tomorrov I will go for my CCNP – I scheduled the last exam from the CCNP track – TSHOOT. During my studies for this exam I configured the TSHOOT topology in my lab. And below is my IPv6 configuration for TSHOOT. It is simple but maybe for someone it would be helpful.


[old] Cisco documentation in EPUB format

This is a blog post migrated from my testing blog

Yesterday I found out from the Etherealmind blog that some documentation on the Cisco site is now available also in *epub format. For example check the “Cisco Nexus 7000 Series NX-OS Layer 2 Switching Configuration Guide”. Below is a screenshot how it is looking…

If you also want to take a look only search on the Cisco website for EPUB. For me it is awesome. Now I can read some documentation also in bus on my Amazon Kindle Cool

[old] ASA QoS explanation and configuration

 This is a blog post migrated from my testing blog

ASA supported QoS features:

Theese are my notes from this document:

  • Policing – Policing is a way of ensuring that no traffic exceeds the maximum rate (in bits/second) that you configure, thus ensuring that no one traffic flow or class can take over the entire resource. The excess traffic is dropped.
  • Priority queuing – LLQ priority queuing lets you prioritize certain traffic flows (such as latency-sensitive traffic like voice and video) ahead of other traffic.
  • Traffic shaping – is used to match device and link speeds, thereby controlling packet loss, variable delay, and link saturation, which can cause jitter and delay. (not supported on ASA 5580)


CUE installation problem?

Today a had some hard time installing the Cisco Unity Express 7.0.6 on an AIM module in a Cisco 2851 router. According the Cisco documentation this should be an easy process for maximum one hour. But for me it was twice the time.

My CUE installation steps:

1. Download the CUE software from the Cisco website. This was simple. I downloaded the which I extracted. In the archive there were these files:

  • cue-installer.nm-aim.7.0.6
  • cue-vm-full-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.prt1
  • cue-vm-installer-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.prt1
  • cue-vm-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.pkg
  • cue-vm-langpack.nm-aim.7.0.6.pkg (more…)