Month: November 2014

Cisco Catalyst 3850 wireless Guest access

Now it is time to configure the Guest access. In the previous blog post I created:
– VLAN for Guest access (VLAN 200)
– interface VLAN 200
– DHCP pool for Guest VLAN

First it is needed to create a Lobby Administrator Account:

3850-switch(config)#user-name lobby
3850-switch(config-user-name)#type lobby-admin 
3850-switch(config-user-name)#password lobby123
3850-switch(config-user-name)#privilege 15


Cisco Catalyst 3850 wireless configuration

This blog will be about creating some WLANs and testing that client can associate to the WLANs.


First I will create two new VLANs on the switch

3850-switch(config)#vlan 100
3850-switch(config-vlan)#name INTERNAL
3850-switch(config)#vlan 200
3850-switch(config-vlan)#name GUEST


Cisco Catalyst 3850 basic configuration for wireless

In the following posts I will try to document what I am learning about the Cisco Catalyst 3850 switch, mostly related to the wireless part of the switch configuration. Maybe some posts will be helpful to someone…



The topology is very simple. Two Catalyst 3850 switches in a stack connected to a internal network. And two Cisco 3600 access points connected to the stack.