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ACI simulator fabric discovery

The APIC discovers new switches that are directly connected to any switch it currently manages. Each APIC instance in the cluster first discovers only the leaf switch to which it is directly connected. When I log in to the dashboard after the initial configuration I see only one controller in the cluster:

One controller


Cisco ACI simulator upgrade (installation)

I decided to update the ACI simulator, because we received it in the version 1.0(3f) which is the version more than one year old. On the Cisco site I could not find a procedure for ACI simulator upgrade there is only one section about this in the ACI Simulator Installation Guide.

From the Cisco site I downloaded the newest and greatest version of ACI simulator – 1.2(2h). After a 2 hour break (time that I waited to download the ISO image) I logged in to CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Console):



New tool in the lab!

Today I am welcoming a new box in the company lab – ACI simulator!

ACI simulator provides fully-featured APIC controller software, along with a simulated fabric infrastructure of leaf switches and spine switches in one physical UCS C-series server. More information can ve found in the datasheet.

Here is how the simulated topology looks like:

ACI simulator topology

Also more information can be found in the ACI simulator installation guide.