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Migration of SecureCRT settings between computers

Approximately every four years I change my notebook and then the madness of transferring all data and software starts.
This post is mostly for my reference – so I dont need to google it again.

All the SecureCRT user settings are located in your “Configuration” folter. To find out what is your configuration folder open you SecureCRT and go to Options >> Global Options >> General

Copy all the files and folders from the source configuration folder to the new machine configuration folder.

Original resource:

Cisco Catalyst 3850 wireless Guest access

Now it is time to configure the Guest access. In the previous blog post I created:
– VLAN for Guest access (VLAN 200)
– interface VLAN 200
– DHCP pool for Guest VLAN

First it is needed to create a Lobby Administrator Account:

3850-switch(config)#user-name lobby
3850-switch(config-user-name)#type lobby-admin 
3850-switch(config-user-name)#password lobby123
3850-switch(config-user-name)#privilege 15


Cisco Catalyst 3850 wireless configuration

This blog will be about creating some WLANs and testing that client can associate to the WLANs.


First I will create two new VLANs on the switch

3850-switch(config)#vlan 100
3850-switch(config-vlan)#name INTERNAL
3850-switch(config)#vlan 200
3850-switch(config-vlan)#name GUEST



Today I decided to start my CCIE R&S journey. I already purchased the CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide one month ago and my Routing TCP/IP Volume 1 arrived five days ago but I was not personally prepared to start. But today I am feeling that I am ready to start the hard work! First I need to make a detailed study plan and be prepared to dedicate a lot of time for my studies. Second I need to collect some tools that can help me in my studies (software for notes, time management software – please leave a comment if you know about some software that could be helpful for me).

And last but definitely not least –  I think that this would be a lot of fun  Wink

If you have any helpful tips for the written studies please leave a comment.

Wish me luck!

First blog

Hello all!

My name is Marek and yesterday I decided to start blogging on my own blog. I hope that this  would not be my last post. Using this blog I want to share my notes during my studies for CCIE and also my work and personal experience.

Firts three blog post will be migrated from my testing blog and the topics are:

  • ASA QoS explanation and configuration
  • Cisco documentation in EPUB format
  • TSHOOT IPv6 configuration

Also the list of interesting links and blogs will be migrated from my testing blog.