Today a had some hard time installing the Cisco Unity Express 7.0.6 on an AIM module in a Cisco 2851 router. According the Cisco documentation this should be an easy process for maximum one hour. But for me it was twice the time.

My CUE installation steps:

1. Download the CUE software from the Cisco website. This was simple. I downloaded the which I extracted. In the archive there were these files:

  • cue-installer.nm-aim.7.0.6
  • cue-vm-full-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.prt1
  • cue-vm-installer-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.prt1
  • cue-vm-k9.nm-aim.7.0.6.pkg
  • cue-vm-langpack.nm-aim.7.0.6.pkg (more…)