Cisco ACI simulator upgrade (installation)

I decided to update the ACI simulator, because we received it in the version 1.0(3f) which is the version more than one year old. On the Cisco site I could not find a procedure for ACI simulator upgrade there is only one section about this in the ACI Simulator Installation Guide.

From the Cisco site I downloaded the newest and greatest version of ACI simulator – 1.2(2h). After a 2 hour break (time that I waited to download the ISO image) I logged in to CIMC (Cisco Integrated Management Console):


On the Server Summary I clicked on the Launch KVM Console to start the KVM Console:


When the KVM Console started then I activated the virtual devices and mounted the image file:

Activating Virtual Media

Mounting image

Mapping the installation image:


After the image mapping you need to reboot the server and enter F6 during the boot to display the boot selection menu:

Boot menu

To log in to the Boot menu you need to provide a password (default password is “password”):

Log in

After that you select the boot media – vKVM-Mapped vDVD1.22:

Boot mediaStart the installation process:


Then the image upload and installation starts and you will wait about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you would need to perform the initial configuration that I described in previous post. As you can see the upgrade process is basically a new installation of the ACI simulator 🙂


Hope this post helps someone.