New tool in the lab!

Today I am welcoming a new box in the company lab – ACI simulator!

ACI simulator provides fully-featured APIC controller software, along with a simulated fabric infrastructure of leaf switches and spine switches in one physical UCS C-series server. More information can ve found in the datasheet.

Here is how the simulated topology looks like:

ACI simulator topology

Also more information can be found in the ACI simulator installation guide.

Now I will share some first photos how the server looks like and also the initial setup of the ACI simulator.

Here are all of the goodies on the back of the server:



Here is a detail on the management ports:



Now quickly to the basic initial setup (you can find everything described in the Cisco ACI Simulator: Getting started Guide). After you connect a keyboard and monitor to the server and power the server up you will see some hardware checks and after a while a initial configuration window appears. My initial configuration can be seen below:


As you can see in the initial configuration we are configuring the out of band management IP configuration. Using this IP you will be able to access the APIC controller web management after the server reboots.

Login window


in the next post I will look at the initial fabric configuration.