WLAN Express Setup

From the AirOS code release you can perform the initial WLC configuration using an easy GUI wizard called WLAN Express Setup.


The WLAN Express Setup is composed from these steps:


  1. Power on your new shiny WLC 2500.
  2. Connect your PC using an Ethernet cable to Port 2 of the WLC
  3. The WLC is running an internal DHCP server and you receive an IP address from the range, in my case


  1. From the previous output you see that your default gateway is the IP address – open a web browser and connect to this IP address using HTTP. And now you are presented with the first step in the WLC configuration wizard, which is the configuration of login credentials:

WLAN Express Setup


  1. In the next step is to configure the basic WLC parameters like system name, management IP address etc.



  1. Then you will configure a wireless network parameters for employees. You can also choose to configure a guest network if you want.



  1. The last step is to confirm your configuration and the WLC will reboot and apply the configuration done in the WLAN Express Setup





  1. After the WLC reboots you should be able to connect to the WLC using the configuration performed during the WLAN Express Setup. I am using the new AirOS 8.0 release, therefore after login I am presented with the new dashboard.



  1. Using the “Advanced” button from the new dashboard you can switch to the classic view, but also from the classic view you can access the new dashboard using “Home” button:



My View:

I think that the new WLAN Express Setup is a good solution for WLC 2504. This WLC is targeted for the small customers and they are mostly not so experienced with CLI. Let’s face it most of the small business customers don’t know how to connect to a console port and for these customers this is an ideal solution.